Jam Tasting Set
Jam Tasting Set
Jam Tasting Set
Jam Tasting Set
Jam Tasting Set
Prairie Kitchen Store

Jam Tasting Set

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A 3-jar sample set of craft jams (with an elegant onyx and wood spreader included) put together by the Prairie Kitchen Store -- your local Iowa City kitchen retailer.

Gracious Gourmet's Chile Mango Lime Jam features Aleppo peppers and lime juice, which add both a zing and brightness to mangoes in this delicious take on a mango jam. 

Adams Apple's Pie Jam is a top seller -- this one will be a crowd pleaser. Spread it over a block of cream cheese and serve with salty crackers for a sweet appetizer or an easy dessert.  Chunks of Granny Smith apples and spices you'd find in an apple pie -- you'll see that it's like apple pie in a jar without all the work!

Imladris Farm's Berry Best jam is a wonderful medley of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries -- their most popular flavor. The jam comes directly from Western North Carolina berry farms.

Be Home is a socially responsible company dedicated to the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity. They work with family-run businesses, cooperatives, and those that treat their workers fairly and with respect. Their international products are handcrafted, which means no two products look exactly the same.


1x Chile Mango Lime Jam

7.75 oz

1x Adam's Apple Pie Jam

10 oz

1x Berry Best Jam

12 oz.

1x Onyx & Wood Spreader

6" x 1"